A Day in the Life of a Schulich Medicine Student

This is an example of what a typical day might look like.  However, the interest of your classmates and the many extra-curricular options available mean that everyone’s day will be a little different.  And yes, classes start bright and early (almost) every morning!

7:00 AM What better time to hit the gym, go to yoga, or go for a run than at 7am! Nothing gets you ready for your day like a good work out, or sleeping in for just a little bit longer.
8:00 AM Class starts- it’s time to learn! Don’t worry- We get breaks almost every hour, so the time flies by. P.S. You get used to the early mornings more easily than you’d think (and lectures get filmed for podcast, so you can review them again later!).
12:00 PM Class is over! Lunch time. Most days there are several clubs or interest groups meeting during this time (and most give you free food!).
1:30 PM Clinical skills / team learning / personal and professional development. Time to brush up on physical exams and patient interviewing; develop tools to support personal wellness, professionalism and leadership; and explore what it means to be a registered health professional in the 21st century
3:30 PM Three times a week you will end the day with Independent Learning – time to prepare for small groups, readiness assessments or whatever needs your time and attention. Each Tuesday you will have a full day of Independent Learning to pursue activities like your longitudinal clinical (family medicine) experiences, observerships or service learning.
5:30 PM For most people this is the latest you are done class (some people have scheduled later clinical sessions, but it’s uncommon). Study, nap, dinner, evening observership at the ER? The choice is yours.
7:00 PM Time for band practice. Each class has its own band that you can choose to be a part of!
10:00 PM Intramural sports! Choose any one (or more) of dozens of sports!