A Day in the Life of a Schulich Medicine Student

This is a sample schedule from the Class of 2021. Every week is different; however, this is a good example of what you can expect. Yes, classes do start at 8:30 every morning (in first year).

A Day in the life of a Schulich Medicine Student

We do a lot more than just attend lectures here at Schulich Medicine. This is an example of what a typical day might look like. Remember, the diversity of our class and the many extra-curricular options available to you mean that not everyone’s day is this long!

7:00 AM What better time to hit the gym, go to yoga, or go for a run than at 7am! Nothing gets you ready for your day like a good work out, or sleeping in for just a little bit longer.
8:30 AM Class starts. Don’t worry! We get breaks every hour and usually, small group or anatomy replace lecture at least once a week! P.S. You get used to the 8:30 lectures more easily than you’d think (and everything gets filmed for podcast).
11:30 AM Class is over! Lunch time. We get 1-2 hours of lunch every day. Most days there are several clubs or interest groups meeting during this time (and most give you free food!). Twice a week, 11:30 marks the end of your day. You are free to do observerships, study, or binge watch TV until your eyeballs fall out.
1:30 PM Clinical skills or PCCIA (small group patient-centered discussions). Time to brush up on your physical exams, patient interviewing, and the social aspects of medicine.
4:30 PM For most people this is the latest you are done class (some people have scheduled later clinical sessions, but it’s uncommon). Study, nap, dinner, evening observership at the ER? The choice is yours.
7:00 PM Time for band practice. Each class has its own band that you can choose to be a part of!
10:00 PM Intramural sports! Choose any one (or more) of dozens of sports!