One of my most significant worries about starting medical school was what the class culture was going to be like. While I can’t speak for other schools, I can say 100% that Schulich has an exceptional student culture! I was concerned that it would be an overly competitive and isolating experience where you attended class with a huge group of people but at the end of the day everything was an exhausting competition. Instead, what I found are a group of 171 people who are all exceptional people in different ways and who look at Medical school as a team sport, which it is! If one of us falls down, there are 170 hands ready to pick that person up.

Montana Hackett, Class of 2023

As much as one would hope, there is no ideal medical school candidate (winning a Nobel prize definitely helps though). Medicine is such a diverse and interdisciplinary profession and such demands doctors that come from all walks of life. I can confidently say that the class of 2023 meets that demand and each week I am amazed to learn something new about my classmates. Whether its rock climbing, political advocacy, or machine learning that you’re interested in, you can find someone to connect with (plus with only 4 days of class per week you actually have the time to pursue those interests). To the future 2024s reading this, it may be a little cheesy, but the best advice I have is to showcase what makes you, “you” (and again, a Nobel prize helps too).

Yoni Levin, Class of 2023

Looking back on my first few months, it’s been equally parts challenging and rewarding. I think one of the most rewarding things has been the relationships I’ve made with my peers. It really is one big family, and of course you might get closer to some members as opposed to others, but anytime things get tough I know I can count on my family to be there, and that’s my favorite part of being at Schulich.

Christian Schlappner, Class of 2023

Joining the Class of 2022 has been an amazing experience thus far. It really feels like a family of its own because everyone goes through everything together. We’re willing to help each other and are there for each other, despite being such a diverse class.

Aisham Ali, Class of 2022

Having the opportunity to learn at the Windsor campus has been incredible; there are so many fantastic hands-on clinical opportunities and chances to work and learn in smaller groups. The smaller class size in Windsor means that you get to know everyone really well and build a new family with all of your classmates. I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of the Windsor campus.

Kelsey Ambrose, Class of 2022

Among many other great things, one of my favorite things about Schulich Medicine is its size: it is big enough to have great research opportunities, world-class specialists, and a diverse patient population but is also small enough to enable more personal connections with staff and to foster a strong sense of community!

Daniel Foster, Class of 2022

Being from Vancouver and having gone to undergraduate in the United States, I didn’t know much about Schulich before applying here. However, when I came to Schulich for my interview, I was immediately floored by how positive an environment it was and how happy and friendly all the students here seemed. This made a significant impression on me and certainly put Schulich on my radar when thinking about where I wanted to attend medical school. And since officially joining the Schulich Class of 2022, my experiences have all supported this first impression. Our class is incredibly tight-knit, helpful, and supportive – there is no feeling of toxic competition at all and if you are struggling or have a question about anything, there will be someone in the class there to help you. The school as a whole has done a great job at fostering this amazing atmosphere through collaborative classes and low-stress learning environments. I am so happy I chose to attend Schulich!

Anna Branch, Class of 2022

From the moment I walked through the doors of Medical Sciences Building on the day of my interview, I knew Schulich Med was something special. I received a warm welcome from the Class of 2021, and while many of their faces were unfamiliar, I received nothing but a feeling of familiarity at the school, and among the students. That feeling did not go away in August at the White Coat Ceremony and throughout Medical Foundations Week, when I met my 170+ other classmates. It’s so easy to just go up to someone and strike up a conversation, as everyone is so eager to be friends. Also, I’ve come to find that having this tight knit group of people is so beneficial during stressful times like exam season, because you end up having a big support system within the class and within administration, who are willing to help you out, and make sure you get through everything okay. All in all, my first semester here has been an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for my next three years at Schulich.

Ziad Sabaa-Ayoun, Class of 2022

The best thing about Schulich is that there is a little something for everyone here. The core medicine curriculum is balanced with wellness lectures and many clubs, events, and socials keep students busy in fun ways. What makes it even better is the spirit of being part of a family where everyone works together, helps each other out, and is supportive to your needs. The sense of camaraderie can be felt across all years whether it is upper years providing us with study tips or baking us cookies as after-exam treats! If we have any questions, the faculty & staff are always available and receptive to our feedback and actively encourage student involvement in various committees. This is even more apparent at the Windsor Campus where we see our staff almost everyday and remain in touch with the faculty and local physicians. The many opportunities Schulich provides span observerships, clinical electives, and research involvement right from Year 1 which can broaden your experiences and make Schulich a really great place to be!

Sarang Upneja, Class of 2022

Coming from a background of engineering, I was nervous that the learning curve would be really steep, and I wouldn’t be able to keep up. However, our class has a very diverse set of students (e.g. other engineering grads, a music grad), which helped to ease that fear. We also have awesome instructors who genuinely care that the students learn and take it as a personal failure if the students don’t understand a concept. Medicine is heavy, no doubt about it, but with such a fun group, you look forward to being back in school (even after 6 years of school like me).

Hecham Omar, Class of 2022

The great thing about Schulich is how much everyone is rooting for you. From the teachers who dedicate their time for lectures to the administrative and support staff that go out of their way to accomodate our different needs as we navigate medicine – there’s always help available. Then there’s the class dynamic – even though we are over 100 people in London, I feel like I am friends with and regularly interact with a significant portion of people in our class. See a blue backpack? You can be assured of a friendly face and a sense of unity. It honestly feels like we are a big family and that’s great to have as we get closer to some of the more grueling days of our schooling. Never have I felt like so many people were watching out for me, rooting for my success – it’s amazing!

Thulasie Manokaran, Class of 2021

It’s going to be a struggle at times but you’ll have plenty of friends going through the same thing that you can lean on

Wesley Tin, Class  of 2021

I love our class and our class dynamic. Even though we are over 100 people in London, I feel like I am friends with and regularly interact with a significant portion of people in our class. I can even go to the lounge and feel 100% comfortable talking to someone who’s in our class that I still don’t know. It feels like we are a big family!

Rosie Javinsky, Class of 2021