“Schulich Medicine has been a phenomenal experience so far! The faculty and students are incredibly supportive; the curriculum is well designed, and we know that the administration takes our recommendations seriously. They are always working hard to incorporate our input and improve the curriculum. Patient encounters and discussions on how to approach worldly and local medical problems right from the beginning of first year provide a fantastic learning experience. There are also so many ways to get involved – from intramurals to student council to volunteering; Schulich Medicine truly has it all!”

Asma Amir Ali (Admissions Representative), Class of 2019

My first year at Schulich has been my best learning experience in university yet! We are a very social bunch, and I’m glad to say that I know just about every classmate’s name. Having a social dynamic helps immensely when the stress hits around exam time, as you can depend on fellow classmates to share with you their notes and study tools. The student experience here is consistently great, and I’d say it’s something all our classmates would agree to!”

Obaidullah Khan, Class of 2019

I always look forward to coming to class. Even though 8:30 classes are difficult to wake up for some days, I always know my classmates’ smiling faces will be there to greet me. In between lectures, we share snacks, review last night’s TV shows, say hi to our Windsor classmates, and sometimes even sing “Happy Birthday”. There is always a great energy in the lecture hall, and I love knowing that anyone in that room wouldn’t hesitate to help me if I needed it.”

Leah Sinai, Class of 2019

Staff Appreciation Dinner

I had interviews at two medical schools and when I came for my Schulich interview I knew this was going to be my first choice of schools. The Schulich students I met throughout my interview weekend were all very supportive, welcoming and down-to-earth. Schulich is a community unto itself and I am amazed at how much I love my Schulich family now! I am not always the most extroverted or outgoing person, and even though I have come from across the country to be here, I have had no troubles fitting in, making new friends and making myself at home here. Also, ICHL is actually the best thing!”

Tianna Koreman, Class of 2019


The best part of the Schulich experience would be the family atmosphere that you get to enjoy starting day one. For those of you thinking med school is just a more competitive undergrad, you may end up finding yourself quite surprised. You are about to embark on a journey with one of the most supportive group of people you may ever encounter, and you’ll find that success is no longer a solo effort but a collective endeavour. It’s been almost one year studying at Schulich, and I treasure every single day.”

Andrew Su, Class of 2019



The experience of being a medical student at Schulich surprised me, but in the best possible way. I was nervous coming from a small town and small university to attend Western. However, the class is one big family where there is always someone to play pool with in the lounge or a friend to talk to when you need the support. Western seems a lot smaller when there is a good chance you will run across a classmate or two when you walk across campus. No matter what your hobbies or interests include there is a group of people who probably share them. I can honestly say I have made more good friends in the last few months than I have in my lifetime. There is no need to worry about grades and I feel like I can focus on the things that I believe will be useful for my future, academic and otherwise.”

Sarah Davies, Class of 2019


Choosing Schulich as my medical school is definitely the best decision that I have made. Medical school is stressful, and there is a lot to do and learn. But when you are supported by a close-knit family of over 170 medical students with such diverse backgrounds, you won’t believe how much fun everything becomes! Everyone in Schulich, from admin to faculty to senior students, really care about our well-being, and want to provide us with the best educational experience possible.
There are so many opportunities to get involved; everything ranging from research and leadership to arts and sports is right at your fingertips. Even with all of this, Schulich does not sacrifice the quality of education. We are taught the state-of-the-art in each subject by experts in the field, and we get plenty of opportunities to practice what we learn on standardized and real patients. Furthermore, both faculty and students work together to make the curriculum even better each year. At Schulich, we love to work hard and play hard, and this balance is the key to a successful career. Besides all of this, Western also has a beautiful campus, and London is a very student-friendly city. Anyone who comes to Schulich is bound to fall in love with it!”

Anish Naidu, Class of 2019

Schulich medicine provides you with all of the opportunities you might want for your career and a wonderfully supportive community to make sure you get them. You’ll have an incredible time here and leave prepared.”

Matthew Greenacre, Class of 2019


I’m a Londoner, born and raised (including an undergraduate degree from Western) and I could not be more happy with my decision to continue my studies right here at home. I have seen a whole new side of my campus this year, and have been flooded with a thousand new amazing opportunities with Schulich: I’m studying alongside an incredible, supportive class; I’ve continued my research endeavours; and I’ve taken advantage of opportunities to both give back to the community and to play an active role in the shaping of our curriculum. I’ve learned a lot from my first term at Schulich, but that’s just a drop in the pond of where I know this school will take me. What I do know is this: whatever your interests, personality, or goals, you too can find a home here at Schulich.”

Kyle Canton, Class of 2018

My experience as a first year medical student at Schulich has been a dream come true. Thanks to the effort put in by Schulich faculty and administration, as well as the leadership of upper year students, our class has truly become a large family. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn and play alongside this fantastic group of students. I believe that Schulich has the best medical curriculum to foster a balanced lifestyle. I cannot emphasize enough how supported and understood I feel as I work through my medical education.”

Amanda Sauvé, Class of 2018


If you think it’s not possible for medical schools to be supportive and caring, think again. I feel so comfortable and welcomed at Schulich. Everyone is understanding and knows how to help you navigate your new world of medicine.
To give just a few of many examples, we have upper year student support teams, an awesome counselling office, and great faculty who are available for questions and guidance. The set up of the student council and class councils makes it super easy to get involved regardless of your interests.
If you’re looking for one big family, this is the place!”

Jessica Bryce, Class of 2018

“I’m proud to say that we have an amazing medicine program here at Schulich. Long gone are the days when you worried about grades. The emphasis is on the important stuff now, like your understanding of the material, your clinical and communication skills, and your integration of all this multidisciplinary training to become a competent physician. It feels great to see and learn from real doctors and patients (because patients are great teachers too!), and it’s a relief to know that if anything goes wrong there’s always lots of people (staff and students) who will jump in and help out.

Which brings me to the best feature of Schulich: the students. No where else have I seen such a talented group of people all in one room, and seeing everyone else working hard alongside you really is motivating. But there’s only so much about Schulich I can express with words; come meet us on Interview Day and see for yourself!”

Nauman Malik, Class of 2017

“What I enjoy most about medicine at Schulich, is that your experiences are truly what you want to make of them. If you want to do a ton of research, you can! If you want to practice clinical skills, you can! If you want to start a new club for a cause you believe in, you can! You are given the freedom, academically, socially and physically to enrich yourself.

For anyone who may be thinking of applying, has already applied or is in their second, third or more rounds of applying, I just want to let you know, you have the capacity to be here and you are enough. It takes a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck to get you to where you’re going, and I hope that happens to be here with us at Schulich!

If I could leave you with any advice, I would say always be grateful, curious, compassionate, and remember to keep moving forward.

Whatever your journey to medicine may be, I know that it has molded you for the greater good. Don’t think that you’ve lost time, because it took every situation, every hardship, and every experience to bring you right here and now. And now… has come right on time.

Wear your passion, and I look forward to meeting you in the not so distant future. Welcome to Schulich, your seat is waiting.”

Tehmina Ahmad, Class of 2017


“For me, the best thing about Schulich is that you are never lonely and you are never bored. Starting from the first day of Orientation Week, there will always be a group of students looking for things to do. Whether at school or at a local pub, Schulich students are hanging out. Also, there are numerous interest groups to be involved in, from several exercise clubs to artistic or musical groups.

The campus is also gorgeous and provides ample study space for students. The curriculum is structured to receive constant feedback from students and aims to aid students who study in a variety of ways. The opportunities to observe physicians and the half day lectures provide students with a lot of clinical experience in first and second year. The exposure to real medicine comes as soon as you want it at Schulich.”

Han Yan, Class of 2017

“London and Schulich were the best choice for me. London is close enough to my home town of Windsor that I felt confident moving out for the first time, but far enough away that I could also gain some independence. Schulich is amazing because it is both large enough that everyone brings something unique and interesting to the school, but small enough for everyone to become like a close knit family. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Aneesh Dhar, Class of 2017

“Coming to Schulich has been an amazing experience for me! The friendship and sense of community is tremendous!”

Randy van Ommeren, Class of 2017

“Schulich is #amazing #newwayoflife #doctorschool #everyoneisbeautiful”

Howard Chang, Class of 2017

“We are like a little family and have so much support from classmates in London and Windsor, staff, professors, and the community! I am proud to be a Schulich medical student.”

Kristin Mayrand, Class of 2017

“What I love most about Schulich is that we have one of the best Distributed Medical Education Programs around! Choosing the Windsor campus was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Schulich goes out of their way to make sure that we do not miss out on anything just because we are at the Windsor campus. Our high quality video conferencing equipment enables us to actively participate in lectures, just like our London counterparts. There are spots for Windsor students on almost every major club/council in London and we also have lots of clubs and teams of our own.

Being part of a smaller class has given me the opportunity to get to know each of my classmates really well. We are like a big family and I look forward to going to class every day just to spend time with my class! What’s even better is that we are just down the road from our extended family in London and we always have a fantastic time whenever our classes get together. My experience at Schulich has been amazing and I am looking forward to the years to come!”

Sabrina Botsford, Class of 2017

“What I like most about Schulich is the variety of backgrounds, experiences, talents and interests that our students bring to the class. It’s an environment where you learn quite a bit from your classmates, and where you can do almost anything that interests you.”

Alasdair Rathbone, Class of 2017

“Schulich Medical School has offered me everything that I wanted from a medical school experience. I have been able to shadow practically any physician that I wanted to as a first year who was looking to explore many fields. I believe the clinical experiences that were offered early on in first year have instilled confidence and given me the tools for my future endeavors as a physician. Even the non-medical aspects of being at Schulich, such as the many clubs and social activities that are offered, have made what at first seemed like an intimidating undertaking into an enriching and enjoyable experience.

I was able to play on our very own 2017 hockey team and Schulich’s med hockey team while trying new sports like water polo and flag football. As a student interested in Research, Schulich offers top notch facilities and researchers in an urban centre, and I am very excited to for the next 3 years.”

Lucas Mastropaolo, Class of 2017

“Schulich gives you a fantastic opportunity to explore medical specialties through its observership program. There aren’t many places where you can have your hand in a chest cavity two months into medical school, but Schulich is one of them. The professors are always available and willing to have an observer follow them around. I’ve done several observerships in surgery and it has confirmed that medicine is where I want to be. It has also opened doors to research in the field I’m interested in pursuing.

It’s a great place to get hands on experience and (from what I hear from physicians I talk to) that’s what makes the graduates from Schulich better than those from other medical schools – we get real experience, we make real decisions for patient care, and we live with the consequences. It’s a lot of responsibility and it makes you into the best physician you can be.”

Keegan Guidolin, Class of 2017

“What really separates Schulich from the other medical schools to me is the student experience. Unlike your experience in undergrad or grad school, you feel like you are part of a family here, one that looks out for one another. Long gone are the days of climbing on another person’s back to get ahead. Instead, we’re here to help, collaborate, and have fun together.

We work hard and we play hard. Simple as that. And this is on top of a curriculum that is comprehensive without leaving you feel oversaturated, but still provides enough freedom to guide your learning without letting you feel lost. I come from a high school and university where I felt very little school spirit or care for the people in my program. Here at Western, I’m proud to identify as a Schulich Med.”

James Wei, Class of 2017


“Schulich is like a family. We all support each other and make sure no one gets left behind!”

Kristin Mayrand, Class of 2017

“As a former Western grad of two degrees, I was concerned about the thought of returning to Schulich, thinking I wanted a change of scene. Now I can’t imagine myself fitting in better anywhere else! We have a tight-knit class and program of incredibly supportive, friendly people fostering a great sense of community. The profs are awesome, clinical experience is easy to come by, and there are opportunities to do anything that interests you. But most of all, Schulich is a family.”

Jen Hughes-Large, Class of 2017

“Schulich is my second family. I have people in Windsor and in London I can have fun with, share memories, and laugh a lot.”

Michael Rozenbojm, Class of 2017

“What I like most about Schulich Medicine is that there’s something here for everyone. The curriculum is set up so that it appeals to all types of learners: there are lectures (which are podcast for the late risers), independent learning sections, small groups to reinforce concepts, small groups to discuss global health and the social aspect of medicine, and clinical skills right from the get-go. Also, the first six weeks are set up as an introduction to medical concepts to get everyone from different degrees (such as engineers like myself) on the same page.

My true favourite thing about Schulich Medicine is that the same thing applies to other activities. The thing that appealed most to me about Western University when I was applying was the emphasis placed on creating doctors that are well-rounded, with work-life balance of sports, social activities AND medical knowledge. There’s a medicine team for every intramural sport I can think of, and even an inter-class hockey league. There are bands, an orchestra, and even a musical production put on by all the classes. Also, virtually every type of medical specialty has its own interest group. And then there are the just for fun clubs for talking, eating, drinking, and discussion. I really don’t think there’s a way not to find exactly what you want to do here – I know I have.”

Bridget, Class of 2016


“The best part of Schulich Medicine is the balanced approach to learning and to life. We are taught via lectures, small groups, case based learning and hands on patient interactions. Moreover, the curriculum allows us to have a balanced lifestyle as well, with two afternoons free per week, we are able to do observerships, get to the gym or even do laundry. We also participate in a huge range of clubs and intramural sports with some Meds teams winning their divisions this year. Schulich Medicine allows you to develop academically while keeping up your other interests and becoming a well-rounded professional.”

Ben, Class of 2016

“If you haven’t gone to Western University its hard to describe the feeling it gives you. Not only do you feel welcome… at home… you feel like the entire world is within your grasp. Anything you want to do, any person you want to be, is made possible by the spirit of the people and support offered at Western University.

What more is there to say about Western University’s extracurriculars… You’d be hard pressed to find a better overall Canadian varsity squad, a plethora of intramurals keeps you active, the number of Schulich Medicine student run clubs is more than most Canadian universities—and that’s aside from the over 200 other student run clubs—, breaking-edge research occurs every day and the night life… well lets just say the nightlife will offer a welcome break from your studies should you choose. Simply put whatever you’re passion, you can find it at Western University.

The family atmosphere that you will join and yourselves foster—should you attend Schulich Medicine—is something I am unsure could exist anywhere else.”

Andrew, Class of 2016

I love Schulich Medicine! Not only do we receive an outstanding education, we have an amazing student life here. We support each other and the staff genuinely cares about our success and well-being. You also have the ability to do observerships with some incredible physicians in major teaching hospitals. We have an enormous amount of clubs, intramurals, and different events throughout the year that you can’t help but be a part of. Personally, one of my favourite things about Schulich Medicine is the life-long friends I’ve made. Schulich Medicine just feels like home and I couldn’t be happier!

Camilla, Class of 2016

“Fantastic clinicians and lots of pre-clerkship clinical opportunities!”

Yifan Li, Class of 2016


“I consider Schulich to be a place of opportunity with a little something for everyone. Our curriculum is constantly evolving to suit the needs of our students. There’s no need to worry if you don’t get the material, your classmates are there to support you.

Got a cool initiative for a charity fundraiser, innovative club or just a great idea? With an amazing team of administrators, faculty and student body that idea will become reality. The people at Schulich truly go out of their way to make sure that their students are provided with the best possible experience that can be offered.

The greatest part of Schulich is hands down the student body. You will not find another group of people who are more excited about their school. The feeling is contagious. All of the classes are welcoming, supportive and accepting of everyone and everything.”

Erica Lee, Class of 2015


“Since day one I have been so impressed with the friendliness and support of all the administration staff, faculty, and, perhaps more importantly, our class. We consider ourselves to be the “Schulich  Medicine Family,” and it is through this network that we help and support one another when needed and celebrate and appreciate our successes together. In addition, the diversity, enthusiasm, and compassion of our class not only contributes to our academic success but also our social relationships and overall well-being.

Our instructors are very friendly, passionate about their work, and, especially care about our academic and personal success. The faculty here treat us as colleagues, and are also very keen to ensure that we understand all aspects of their field: whether we meet with them individually, contact them through email to clarify any lecture material or arrange to do an observership with them, all instructors want to be a part of our learning. Moreover, through completing observerships, we learn what it means to be a physician, witness the passion of our instructors for their work, and get hands-on experience. Although Medical school and a subsequent career in medicine may seem to be a daunting endeavour, our curriculum stresses the importance of balance in our lives, which further enforces the high morale, collegiality, and school spirit.

There are also so many ways to get involved – whether you join or create a club, volunteer abroad or locally, become involved in a research project, play sports, or have an interest in politics – Western University really provides the opportunity for one to find his or her niche. I am very proud to be a Schulich Medicine student and even more proud to call Western University home!”

Skylar, Class of 2014


“Western University has it all – great academics, athletics and social events. Having come from an undergraduate program with a strong focus on problem-based learning, I was somewhat hesitant about Schulich Medicine’s approach to academics. But I quickly found that the program strikes a fine balance between lecture and group-based learning – something that appeals to students from varied backgrounds. The doctors involved in the program are eager to answer all questions and to make you feel comfortable. Everyone here is friendly and well-rounded and with so many different interests, there is always something to do – whether you want to try a new restaurant in London, play on an intramural team or join one of the many clubs that Schulich  Medicine students run. Hope to see some of you in the fall!”

Bianca, Class of 2014

“For undergraduate students, Western University boasts that it offers the “best student experience” – but the slogan very much applies to Schulich Medicine as well! Ultimately, medical students want to attend a school that will prepare them to be effective future physicians. Through a balanced curriculum of traditional lectures, small-group sessions, clinical sessions and labs, students are exposed to academic material in many ways. Western University’s curriculum is nicknamed BCOE (“Best Curriculum on Earth”) and it just may be, as evidenced by Schulich Medicine graduates having the top ranking on the MCCQE!

Of course, a fulfilling medical school experience must extend beyond the classroom, and this is where Schulich Medicine really shines. If you choose Schulich Medicine, you’ll have a couple half-days each week free to participate in research, observe a local physician, catch up on schoolwork or unwind. By offering countless academic/extra-curricular clubs, intramural teams, school trips and the time to participate in such endeavours, Schulich Medicine truly is a school that aims to build a “whole” physician.

After choosing Schulich Medicine, you’ll also have to decide on which program to attend, though you cannot go wrong with either! There are several unique advantages to attending either program. However, I encourage you to become familiar with both programs in order to make an informed choice on which one suits you better.

Any of our Windsor students (or London program students from Windsor) will tell you that Windsor is a very underrated city. As a lifelong Londoner and a Western University graduate, I do appreciate how nice it is to be a student in London. However, my time in Windsor has been equally enjoyable! When we’re not back in London spending time with our classmates or out of town for a class trip, the Windsor class has had non-stop fun at home: Pistons, Red Wings and Lions games, casino nights, US shopping trips, Mexicantown nights in Detroit and so on. There has never been a slow weekend this year, and its made for the most exciting year of my life thus far.

The greatest advantages of the Windsor program are opportunities for clinical experience, our facilities, faculty and staff and the Windsor community. It is a true privilege to study at a  program and in a city that are genuinely excited to have us. Though our younger program is in some ways less established, this is not necessarily a drawback, as it has meant a greater opportunity to develop existing programs and begin initiatives both at the School and in the community.

At this time last year, I struggled greatly with which program to choose. I had the benefit of speaking with others before deciding to list Windsor as my first choice, and their experiences convinced me that this program was the right choice for me. Had I not done this, I may not have made a decision that I’ve been very pleased with.

In short, the qualities that make our program so special can’t be appropriately captured in a testimonial: you have to come visit! Also, please do send me (or another student) an email if you have any questions or if you want to hear more about our experience. We’d be happy to tell you more about Western University or either program.

Best of luck!”

Rahul Sharma, Class of 2014


“My name is Abdul Naeem. I attended Western University for my undergraduate studies along with three of my siblings. Western  University holds a special place in my heart as I have many wonderful memories of my time spent there. Everything was just phenomenal from school-spirit to social events at Western University. And so it comes with no surprise that my heart was set on Schulich Medicine for my medical education since the application stage. Although Schulich Medicine has a nationally renowned clerkship program, for me it was the warm, humble and welcoming attitude of students and staff during the interview weekend that re-affirmed my desire to come to Schulich Medicine. Also, the plethora of extra-curricular clubs and activities available meant that I could continue to lead a balanced academic life while actively being involved in my class and community. In short, Schulich Medicine was excellent.

For a change of pace, the allure and excitement of brand new medical facilities, smaller class size, and proximity to the States I decided to go to Windsor Program. I remember hearing about it during the interview weekend, but at Schulich Medicine you are indeed without a doubt a part of the Schulich Medicine Family. I have witnessed this first hand. Since I came to medicine from a non-traditional field (Engineering), it was a bit challenging at first to adjust to class material. I was surprised by the amount of my classmates that were willing to step forward and help. We held study sessions, essentially lived together during exam weeks and went out to various traditional restaurants. I could have not asked for better classmates. And the Windsor staff is literally beyond words. They treat you like family and will go the extra mile (almost daily) to help you, and be there for you when you need them.

So far being a medical student at the Windsor Program – a home away for home –has been fabulous and I know it will only get better from here. I can’t wait to meet all of you during the interview weekend and hope to see you in September!”

Abdul Naeem, Class of 2014

“As soon as you walk through the doors of Schulich, you become part of the family. Everyone takes care of each other and helps you through it all. In a blink of an eye, four years pass and you realize that you have met the most wonderful people and made the most incredible memories. Schulich is more than just a medical school, it is a place you will always call home.”

Supriya Singh, Class of 2014


“There are so many things I love about medicine at Western University. Most importantly, we have an amazing school community and a well-balanced student life. There is a sense of family among the medical students- we do everything together… there is even a 7 am club in which students go to the gym before class! Studying medicine is challenging, and I found my favorite thing about medicine at UWO is learning so much in such a happy and healthy environment.

This School is also rich with opportunities for community involvement and career development. The pass/fail grading system allows you to make commitments to other aspects of your career/life than grades- whether this is being involved in student council, global health advocacy, organizing toy drives, teaching children about going to the doctor, or doing 20 surgery observerships. In my opinion, this is integral to being an excellent well-rounded doctor. London is also the best of both worlds in terms of having opportunities for both city and rural experiences.

There are also many brand-new facilities/ labs at UWO, with a lot of great research (through Robarts and London’s Children’s hospital). In addition, there are lots of funding opportunities for research. As an MD/PhD student, I feel well-supported in both my clinical and research endeavours. Another great quality about the MD/PhD program at Western University is that our progress is monitored and we are kept on track to ensure the length of our program is 7 years (not 8, 9 or 10 + years like at other schools!)

Finally, the doctors that teach and facilitate our classes are always very excited to take us on board for some clinical experience. What more could you want?”

Adrienne, 2014 MD/PhD student