Top Ten Reasons to Choose Schulich Medicine

1. There are many opportunities for observerships in first and second year. Almost all physicians in the London/Windsor area are excited to have students join them in the hospital. On observerships, you could be doing anything from just observing a physician to participating in surgery–it’s all dependent on how comfortable you and your supervising physician are. You have several afternoons free each week to schedule observerships you may be interested in!


2.  Starting with the class of 2023, Schulich Medicine has begun to deliver a brand new curriculum that aligns with Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME) principles and structure.  This program features an integrated course structure:

Foundations delivers medical expert content but is positioned to instill in students the knowledge and abilities on how to learn and how to approach clinical problems.

Principles of Medicine I and Principles of Medicine II deliver integrated content within a body systems approach, as well as content using clinical presentations. This allows students to build an integrated and holistic approach to the patient, while fostering an approach to learning that requires content integration and feedback assessment.

Patient-Centred Clinical Methods places the patient and the learner at the centre of all decision-making as students learn and develop their clinical skills.

Experiential Learning oversees project-based learning, while Professional Career and Wellness (PCW) will focus on career development and personal wellness and development.


3. Best Curriculum On Earth (BCOE). As a student of Schulich Medicine, you will be an important part of the “Best Curriculum on Earth” (BCOE). This is an evaluation program that gets its name from the review of the entire curriculum which occurs each and every year with input from us—the students.


4. Western University has excellent libraries and study spots on campus. There is a dedicated and private computer lab (VERC) and study room for all medicine and dentistry students right beside our lecture hall! In Windsor, we have a new, state of the art medical building, with ample study space in small-group rooms (equipped with TVs).


5. Discovery Week is a week long placement in a rural community in Southwestern Ontario at the end of your first year of study. This provides some excellent hands-on experience and realistic exposure to rural medicine, as the local physicians invite students to work with them through the full range of their practice.


6. Each lecture is videotaped and posted online as a podcast if you miss a class! (or want to review a topic again)


7. Western University has recently constructed one of the best fitness facilities in North America. There is an arena, Olympic size pool, squash courts, large and small gymnasia, weight and cardio room etc. This provides a great intramural sport experience. Check it out!  There is also an Interclass Hockey League (ICHL). This co-ed, rec league is for anyone interested in playing hockey regardless of experience and skill level. The league is non-competitive and for those who love hockey at heart, or those who have yet to discover that hockey is, indeed, a part of his or her heart! Each class has one or two hockey teams who play against each other one evening per week. The season ends with play offs and there is also a Schulich Medicine Hockey Tournament.

8. The Dr. Murray O’Neil Medical Education Centre in Windsor was constructed in 2008. We have a living wall, spacious small group rooms with TVs (great for study breaks), a virtual anatomy lab (with a giant TV, that is great for video games / movies), lecture halls with ample space (and plugs for your computers), and a high-tech anatomy lab full of natural light!


9. Scholarships and Financial Aid. If your dream is to have an influence on health care in Canada as a physician, the cost of Undergraduate Medical Education should not limit your dream. While the pursuit of a Doctor of Medicine degree does not come inexpensively, there are options available to help defray the cost of your medical education.

  • $5.1 million in scholarships and bursaries
  • Schulich Scholarships valued at $26,200 per year continuing for 4 years; number of scholarships varies each year
  • Indigenous Medical Continuing Scholarship valued at $7,500 per year continuing for 4 years

For more information on scholarships and awards at Western University, visit the Office of the Registrar website.


10. The best class ever! The morale is always high and we function as a family. We learn from our mistakes and celebrate our achievements.